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Jonathan & Hannah . anytime

October 6, 2009

Hannah, dear Hannah, is loath to be photographed. Hannah’s mother strongly felt the need for photographs and her boyfriend agreed. And so Hannah was forced to overcome her loathing and endure an anytime session with me. Fortunately Hannah’s boyfriend was relaxed and cool in front of the camera and gently drew her out throughout the session. Attentive to her, he spoke soft words of encouragement when she grew uncomfortable.  (I owe you, Jonathan;) I think his leadership, support, and care for Hannah shines through in these images. This was the most laid-back and enjoyable shoot I have shot to date. We started out in the east parking deck of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte campus and for the next two hours, enjoyed wondering through campus on such a glorious day. It was such a pleasure to photograph you two. Thanks for spending two hours with me; I had such a good time. Hope you love your images.


Click here to see more from their session.

Parking deck, your light amazes me.

See how he looks at her? Precious.

Favorite image. I love love, love love love it.

I adore the out-of-focus story that this story tells. I almost feel that we’re intruding on a  shared a private moment.


Julia . senior

September 18, 2009

I knew it was going to be an awesome shoot. How did I know, before I knew my location, before I saw my client’s outfits, before I had any idea what I was doing? Easy. I knew my client. While our relationship is not quite best-friends-in-the-whole-world, I knew she was fun, adorable, and full of life and laughter. That’s how I knew. Her amazing outfits and ideal locations were a bonus. It would have been an amazing shoot any way we did it, anywhere we went because Julia is an amazing person. Sweet, lovely, and all together fabulous.

I read a recent blog post by the ever fabulous Jasmine Star talking about a photographer’s “ideal clients” and basically, I think Julia is one of my ideal clients. She may have been shy to start, but she very quickly warmed up to the camera and has the natural sense of style I believe my ideal client possesses. Shabby and chic, wild, but lovely, and chill all around.  So thanks Julia! Thank you for being awesome, fun, and trusting me. I had such a grand time with you!


Favorite image, hands down.

Not sure why, but I absolutely love this. Love love love it.


So cute, so Julia.

You can see the rest of Julia’s images here.


August 7, 2009


It has been an insane few weeks. Excitement, sadness, adventurous, saying goodbye-ness, frustration, anxiety, disappointment, relief, enthusiasm, ready-to-be-done-ness. Basically every emotion you can think of has overstayed it’s welcome. It’s been hard work: actually moving our stuff from place to place, saying goodbye, hugging and loving and trying to be optimistic. I thought I’d never be content here.

I think I was wrong. While I’m not completely settled in and comfortable here, I am surprisingly doing well. I’m bored. I’m still sad not to see my friends as much. I’m ready to make some friends. But I’m not depressed and distraught any more… And honestly, I think it’s all about the attitude. MY attitude. I had a gloom and doom attitude before and didn’t expect anything good to come of our move. And though I’m not overjoyed, I am looking up. I’m looking up with excitement and anticipation. I don’t have any idea what my future will hold, but it will be good because it’s not up to me. (I can’t believe I’m saying this but here goes: ) I’m so glad I’m not in control! If I was controlling my life right now, I’d most definitely be partying and having a marvelous time doing nothing. Instead, I’m in a hard place. A strange place. A learning place. A safe place under the care and guidance of the One who knows what He’s doing.

So here’s to waiting and working and growing and stretching and trusting and finding joy. All in His arms.

Have a great Friday night my friends.


P.S. God is so good! I made a new friend last night. I am friends with a ton of photographers on facebook whom I’ve never actually met. Well, yesterday was one such ‘stranger’s birthday! So, in the spirit of friendliness I wished her a happy birthday. Well. She happened to be online later and we chatted like old friends. I ‘m honestly so incredibly blessed to have found a new friend so randomly and so immediately. Courtney and I have SO much in common, it’s honestly a little intimidating. We were talking about how much life we have left to live and where we want to go. She says she HAS to see Italy before she dies. I type something like: “Yes ma’am! Venice, Tuscany, and Rome!” After I had pressed enter but before it registered she typed the same. thing. WHAT?! It just got better after that. We even eat our sandwiches the same way. NO ONE eats sandwiches like me! So here’s my shout out to my new friend, Courtney Reece! Love ya babe and I can’t wait to email you tomorrow 😉

P.P.S Sorry there’s no exciting picture to share. I haven’t taken a single photo in weeks. Saddest thing I think I’ve ever said.

Adventure in Ashville

July 22, 2009

Mountains. Friends. Getaway. Fun. Downtown. Movies. Relaxing. Waterfall. Biltmore Estate. Picnic. Bakery. Jonas Gerard. Laughing.

“It’s all a part of the adventure.”

A few weeks ago on a Tuesday, Brittney picked me up and off we went on one of the greatest adventures of the year. We have been wanting to plan something incredible, something unforgettable, something fun. And Brittney did just that. I love the mountains and this road trip promised to be fun, but even more, an adventure.

We left with a GPS, a packed lunch, WAY too much luggage, and little-to-no plans. We knew where we were staying – with the fun Abby Fleming and family – but that was about it. Anything else would just be a surprise. This kept us open for anything and lead to our trip’s motto: it’s all a part of the adventure. Every night we would sit down, explore our options, and decide on the next day’s adventure. I loved the freedom of our ‘schdule.’

We carved our names into trees.

We toured the Biltmore.

I got fried. We made midnight runs to Wal-Mart for ‘trashy shorts.’ Drank lots of water. Drove through the Pisgah National Forest. Bravely slid down Sliding Rock (twice, I might add). Picnicked off the parkway. Tubed down a river. Lost flipflops. Laughed.

Hiked to a waterfall.

Rented chick flicks. Bought NiQuil. Slept in. Went all over downtown.

Ate great food at the cutest places. Fell in love with the little town of Hendersonville (and planned a few dates to return). Picked out furniture and art for our future homes. Took pictures with giant apples.

Walked through tons of antique stores. Bought/ate the best doughnuts in the WORLD at McFarlin’s. Saw a movie and immediately saw another. Laughed harder. Got to see Jonas Gerard paint live and found out our passion for his work. Loved the River Arts District. Got Mellow Mushroom pizza without mushrooms and smelled like garlic for hours.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the parts of our adventure.

I don’t know ifI told Brittney how much fun I had. I don’t think words would do it justice. I don’t know that I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed myself before. Thank you for such an amazing adventure, love. I’m looking forward to all the adventures our futures hold.

And because I’m so behind on my blogging, here’s a sneak peak of what’s in store.


July 21, 2009

this is a test of my new blog. how exciting to be planning a new blog and webiste. huzzah! can’t wait to figure it all out and launch.

stay tuned.